Friday, November 30, 2012

JMTR 2013 50 mile and 50k Registration Opens December 1st

Get those fingers warmed up and on your keyboard. JMTR 2013 50 mile & 50k registration opens tomorrow on The JMTR 2013 half marathon registration opens on February 1st, 2013.


  1. will the 50k/50m courses be the same as last year? I recall that it took a couple years of fiddling to get the original courses (aka before the fire) fine tuned. Was wondering if a similar tuning would happen with the modified after the fire courses. Or, for that matter, when/if a return to the originals might be possible (I've been in upper Guaje Canyon---it would be the height of foolishness to put a race through there any time soon though).

  2. Hey Andy, I'd expect the course(s) to be a little different but we haven't finalized them yet. As trails are restored and re-opened we'd like to get them back into the races. Conversely, some sections that have been used in the past may not be viable again this year. For instance, the cross-country section up the SE side of Pajarito Mountain that was used last year, is completely grown over now and isn't an option for this year.
    The committee is meeting next week to discuss course ideas. As soon as we have concrete plans, we'll post an update here, on the JMTR webpage and on Facebook. Thanks!