Thursday, April 4, 2013

Volunteer Tree Planting Opportunities in the Santa Fe National Forest

If you're looking to do some volunteer work in advance of the JMTR on a project that ultimately supports a portion of the JMTR 50m/50k courses, the Santa Fe National Forest is seeking volunteers for April 12 and 19th (the Saturday sessions are full) to plant trees in an area severely burned by the 2011 Las Conchas fire.


  1. I was on upper Guaje Ridge both of the last two weekends and what a difference there was. The windstorm over last weekend knocked down several trees across the trail. Mostly though the trail was in the wind shadow of the mountain itself, so didn't get hit much. Not so going over the ridge on pipeline road though...I nearly got blown off :/

    Overall though the trail on upper GR is in good runnable condition, or will be when the remaining snow piles melt off.

  2. Thanks for the update Andy. I was up there two Fridays ago and the snow was still pretty significant in the treed, north facing, sheltered part of upper Guaje Ridge. Glad to hear the wind storms didn't beat it up too much. I know lower Guaje Ridge could use some serious clipping of locust bushes still!